Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to stay?

Then you got the feeling that you wanted to go?

When this Chapel Street address showed up in 2015, staying suddenly made sense again.

Jane Doe co-owner, Shannon Sanderson, has been all over but knows now is the right time to create some seriously sumptuous cocktail class right here in Melbourne.

The vintage vibe is classic cool and Shannon’s bartending prowess brings your time-tested favourites and bold cocktail creations to your lips, with a jigger of Chapel Street style.

Think drunken cherry El Presidente shooters, oak-aged Negroni and Red Velvet cocktails garnished with dehydrated fruits to warm the cockles of your beating heart. The stunning glassware makes it look great – and taste even better.

Jane Doe is your special place to be whoever you want to be.
Crystal-cut decanter lights.
Velvet couches.
Vintage-style frames.
Bronze pressed tin.
Cocktails to entice.
People to meet…or hide away from.
If you’re looking for a bar where everyone knows your name, stop looking.

Meet Jane Doe.

Jane Doe Bar-7_1
Jane Doe Bar-29_1
Jane Doe Bar-11_1

“Wherever you choose to sit, rest assured the staff will make you feel
like you’re in your home away from home.”

Onya Magazine


 219 Chapel Street, Prahran Vic 3181

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